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Sept 15 2015 Dayton MN Housing Bus Tour

Foreclosure? If you are facing foreclosure, can't find a place to live, or have other tenant issues, check our list of links here.  MICAH does not directly help with these issues.

From the Minnesota Housing Partnership (MHP): What HUD's new fair housing rule really means.

All of HUD community development and public housing grantees must continue to address unlawful discrimination as in the past; but now they must also act to address disparities in housing need and in access to opportunity. Full 24 August 2015  article here.  

New County Profiles released: Rents up in 82 counties amidst short supply

One Time Volunteer Help Needed Oct. 22

Every three years Wilder Research conducts a statewide survey of homeless families, single adults and youth. This valuable information from thousands of households in Minnesota is a vital tool to communicate with legislators and funders on the need for services and housing. Your help is needed to conduct surveys at community locations in Dakota Co. on Thurs. Oct. 22. Contact Jean MacFarland at 952-894-2033 or jeanmacfarland@comcast.net for information. Training provided on Oct. 13 from 1 - 3pm or as arranged. Join this effort that will help the Heading Home Dakota Plan move forward in ending homelessness. See poster here.

In its majestic equality, the law forbids rich and poor alike to sleep under bridges, beg in the streets and steal loaves of bread. -Anatole France 

Justice Department Files Brief to Address the Criminalization of Homelessness

The Department of Justice filed a statement of interest today arguing that making it a crime for people who are homeless to sleep in public places, when there is insufficient shelter space in a city, unconstitutionally punishes them for being homeless. The statement of interest was filed in federal district court in Idaho in Bell v. City of Boise et al., a case brought by homeless plaintiffs who were convicted under Boise ordinances that criminalize sleeping or camping in public.

As stated by the Justice Department in its filing,...http://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/justice-department-files-brief-address-criminalization-homelessness

In June, 2015 the Supreme Court decided that claims of racial discrimination in housing cases should not be limited by questions of intent.

That is very important to MICAH and other groups working to reduce concentrations of poverty in housing. Last November MICAH and the cities of Brooklyn Park, Brooklyn Center, and Richfield filed a complaint with HUD against several state agencies based in part on the fact that the agencies’ policies have furthered concentrations of poverty in housing, whether or not that was their intent. In March MICAH and three Minneapolis neighborhood groups: the Whittier Alliance, the Webber-Camden Neighborhood Organization, and Folwell Neighborhood Organization filed a similar complaint with HUD against the cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul. This Supreme Court decision will impact both of these complaints. For an article from Minnesota Public Radio explaining the impact of the court decision, click here.

What are MICAH’s priorities?

To advocate and work for justice, equity, and mercy in implementing structural and systemic changes, including the use of our tax resources, so that everyone, without exception, has a decent, safe, accessible and affordable place to call Home in our community.

GIVE THANKS and Give to the MAX for MICAH

As we thank God for the Blessings we received this year, let us double that blessing by sharing them to ensure everyone has a HOME in Our Community!

Your support is needed to continue

MICAH's work has been very effective in two arenas: 1) Advocacy along our transit corridors to create and maintain safe, decent, accessible and affordable homes and, 2) Through our legislative work at both the Federal and State Levels. We've had tremendous success with our housing partners in the legislature and impacting policy decisions this year including:

Passage of Housing Opportunities Made Equitable (HOME) Bill. $21.3 million allocated in the MHFA. 2014 and 2015 Plans for innovative financial training and home ownership opportunities for people of color, Native Americans and Hispanic ethnicity. $100 million bonding to build and rehab affordable housing. Increased Minimum Wage and public assistance benefits and passed the Expungement Bill. We also actively supporting funding for HR1213 and funding the National Housing Trust Fund.

Please consider making a generous gift, for those of you who are struggling. Any gift will help, especially, the gift of prayer!

Donate by clicking micah.org/home/donate or givemn.org

Or mail a check to: MICAH 463 Maria Ave St. Paul, MN, 55106-4428.

Just try out giving God! Together, in God’s will and blessings, We are Bringing Our Community HOME!
Thank you!

Sue Watlov Phillips, Executive Director

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