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Sue with Pastor Becky, Elim Church- Hope Avenue, praying for God's guidance.
Sue Watlov Phillips
Executive Director – MICAH

Sue Watlov Phillips is a woman of God. She seeks to faithfully serve the Lord through her passions for Social Justice and Equity, loving others as herself, and ensuring everyone has a safe, decent, accessible and affordable place to call home!

Sue Watlov Phillips has a B.A. in Psychology, a Masters in Counseling and Psychological Services. Is a retired Licensed Psychologist, Independent Clinical Social Worker, Marriage and Family Therapist, and Certified Sports Psychologist. She is an author of: "ADAPTING YOUR PRACTICE: Recommendations for the Care of Homeless Patients with Opioid Use Disorders." She has worked for 44 years in social justice with emphasis on serving people at risk and/or experiencing homelessness and housing crisis. With God’s guidance and blessing, she developed one of the first transitional housing programs and prevention/rapid rehousing models in the country in the early 1980s, which has been a model for Local, State and Federal Legislation. 

Sue was a founding Board Member and served on the Board of Directors of MICAH (1988- present), the Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless (1984 -2010) and on the leadership team that developed the National Coalition for the Homeless (1982-1986) and Board Member 1986- present (currently an Honorary Board Member) Over the last 3 decades, she has helped to write and advocate for many of the Minnesota and Federal Laws passed to fund homeless prevention, rapid re-housing ,transitional programs and affordable housing. She is President and CEO of Integrated Community Solutions, Inc. She is a consultant, teacher, writer, and speaks at workshops, Conferences and teaches Bible Studies. Currently, she serves as a National Consultant on Adapting Clinical Practices for people at risk of and/or experiencing homelessness with Opioid Disorders for the National Health Care for the Homeless Council.

Author and Co-author of several books and publications including:

Re- Covering in God: 40 Days Wrestling with God (2013), Bringing America HOME: Living Our Faith (in process,) Rapid Re-Housing Manual (2010) Foreclosure to Homelessness (2008 and 2009) and Contributor to Without Housing (2010) and Livable Incomes: Real Solutions that Stimulate Our Economy.

Sue lives in Fridley, the home she grew up in, and bought from her parents. She helps a friend run a resort on weekends in the summer and visits her mother in assisted living 2 days per week where she also teaches a Bible Study and is a substitute pastor.

Phone: 651.646.0612
Fax: 651.645.7560

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Phone: 651.646.0612
Email: lashella@micah.org

La Shella Sims

Originally from Charleston, West Virginia, La Shella has lived in Minneapolis, MN since 1971(47 yrs).
She has twenty years’ experience in faith-based organizing: Joint Ministry Project (presently call Isaiah, Jewish Community Action, MICAH. Has held various leadership roles within MICAH, including being a former Board Member.
Presently, Organizing/Advocating in North Minneapolis with an emphasis on Transportation (Light Rail Transit & diesel fueled engine) and other elements that transportation encompasses).
Member of: Community Advisory Committee-to Metropolitan Council; Blue Line Coalition-member; Community Engagement Committee-member; Environmental Justice Advisory Group-to Minneapolis Pollution Control Agency’s Commissioner.
Past/Present Organizations affiliated with: Minnesota Literacy Council-adult reading tutor; Black Veterans of America- outreach coordinator; Women Veterans Initiative Working Group-member, National Association of Black Military Women-founding member.

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Phone: 651-491-2084
Email: slade@micah.org

   John Slade

John has been organizing for over a decade. He spent four years working for MICAH (2007-2011) and is glad to be back. He lives in the Dayton's Bluff neighborhood of St. Paul and is the principal at Slade: Creative Organizing of People, Money, and Ideas. Other clients and past employers include Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity, the Asian Economic Development Center, and Dayton's Bluff Community Council. John is deeply committed to anti-racism work and has also been on the board of KFAI Fresh Air Radio for a number of years. His family has long roots in St. Paul.

MICAH Tatter Days Amanda and Mayor
Email: Amanda@micah.org
Amanda Kappes

Amanda joined MICAH's organization in April 2014. She has almost twenty years experience in the Social Service field. Her background includes work as a public assistance financial worker, working in group home settings, and also working with community members with physical and mental health disabilities. She continues to be a strong advocate on many social justice issues.


Judy Dahlberg
Office Volunteer

Judy comes to MICAH through the Ignation Volunteer Corps. She has been helping in the office since September 2012

Veronika Catheryn   Veronika Catheryn
Web Content/Maintenance & IT

Our newest member to the staff, coming on board in August 2018, taking over for Tim Dickinson who retired in September.

Veronika's experience on the web started in 1995, building her first page. She slowly migrated to data management and then added content creation. These skills, and her enjoyment of restoration and repair, make this a nice fit.
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